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           In daylights, in sunsets?
             In inches, in miles?

How about Changjo? ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Nah, it's true! It's easy to keep track of how much time has passed just by watching those around you. Every day they change a bit more, with new hair and new words and ...new big, stupid, hulk-like-ness... Φ_Φ Okay, I'm obviously not being general here. This Wednesday changes the life of one person in particular. I've said his name already. You know who it is... - !

For once, I'm not gonna say a whole lot, just that I wanted to post up a few photos of the gifts and cards that came rolling in for our aging maknae, but. o_o It would've eventually turned into a picspam!!!  So just these six right now, some of the stuff I had to copy out since messing with people's mail is a tricky thing. NOVEMBER KNOWS NO DEATH NOR CRIME!           
....Uh, I mean. Feel free to hover! (¬‿¬)

Don't tell CAP but you're the coolest, okay?
Changjo-oppa, happy birthday!
Have a great birthday, happy seventeeth!
Jonghyun, you're growing before my eyes! Noona's proud.
Teen Top's getting older hahahahahahahahaha, Changjo you're nearing the end! Congrats!
Your dongsaeng's on a diet. Eat a lot of cake for me.
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